A Taste Of His Own Medicine



Encounter Conditions

Only if you talked to the art student about Halloween?


A student in an ancient pimp costume swaggers over to you. It takes a moment to recognize him as the art student you helped with his programming, especially with the strange green light filling the place.

He screams so he can be heard above the panicked shouts and the groans of the injured. "Hey, is this a rippin' party or what? I've never had such a crazy trip in my life. It's like one bat and bam."

As though to demonstrate, he pulls out a handful of purple marshmallow bats and hands you one. A moment later, his eyes widen, apparently processing something terrifying for the first time.

He drops the rest of the handful and bolts for the exit.

You found: 5-6 marshmallow bats


A student dressed in an ancient pimp costume swaggers in your direction. Judging by the smell, it's less retro and more from whatever era when people decided that wearing orange and purple together was a > good idea.

He smiles broadly and you realize it's the art student you helped out with his programming work. "Hey! I had to eat crow about the Eclipse thing not working out, but I got special treats!"

He tosses you some purple marshmallow bats. They kind of match his hat, actually.

You found: 2 marshmallow bats

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