Abandoned Cellar



Encounter Conditions

Initial Text

The fool said there'd be a door right here and he was right, but the stairs beyond lead into a void of dancing shadows and swirling dust.

You can now perhaps understand why he didn't go down there himself. It looks like someone designed it perfectly to play into the fears of cellars, right down to those rickety wooden stairs with the gaps in back.

It seems almost intentional, given that everything else here is built from blocks of old stone.

Summary of Choices

  1. Search the depths - ends dusty encounters for the day, or with ancient candle equipped, gain Light in the Shadow, lose ancient candle
  2. Look for documents - Nothing, or with ancient candle equipped, gain cellar documents, lose ancient candle
  3. Edge of the light? - gain 3 XP Will
  4. Leave it be - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Search the depths


You make your way into the darkness, feeling the dusty chill close in around you as all sight flits away. Somewhere in the depths, you must have found something, because you feel a bony hand grasping your arm and pulling you deeper into the cold depths.

The world seems clearer, bereft of the cloud of dust lingering at its edges.

(Or, with an ancient candle equipped):

You follow your candle's flickering flame, finding your way through the shadows and down dark tunnels, the light keeping old horrors at bay. You make your way back to the stairs by the time it finally flickers out, but feel like you've learned something new in the dusty tunnels.

You learned a new Technique: Light in the Shadow

(Lose ancient candle)

Look for documents

You poke around a little, but there aren't any documents within range of the door's light. It's possible there's something deeper in the cellar, but you can't really see that far into the dust and darkness.

(Or, with an ancient candle equipped):

You head into the cellar and search among the dusty stones and twisted shelves. As your candle begins to flicker and drip the last of its wax, you find a document that seems eerily important.

You can feel it's what you're looking for, but your eyes slide off its writing in the growing shadows.

You found: cellar documents

(Lose ancient candle)

Edge of the light?

You make your way to the edge of the door's light and wait in the shadows, letting waves of fear and forgotten secrets wash over you. It's not a pleasant experience, exactly, but you feel strangely fortified when you're finished.

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Leave it be

Heading into the dark cellar is never a good idea. It's like the people who built this castle never saw a horror movie.

There's got to be a library or somewhere you can look instead.


This encounter does not consume energy.

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