Abstract Domino Mask


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Description Most masks are designed to disguise you or at remind people of something else for festive purposes. This one doesn't quite do that. It could really be anything.

It's a nice enough mask, though, either carved out of actual wood or made with an amazing substitute. The detail of the grain is worked into the mask, making it look like it might have grown on a tree rather than been carved by mortal hands.
Type Hat
Hidden Flags Mask
Use (see below)
Effects +2 Etheric Power
+2 Stealth Power


First available at Zack's House of Coins during season 20 for 1 unearthly coin.

Unlocking and Using "Hide Effects"

The mask has a use option when equipped, which by default only displays the following text:

It's a very nice mask, apparently made out of actual wood… might even be wild-grown, but it isn't taunting you with any cosmic secrets or anything.

With the mask equipped, using techniques associated with each attribute unlocks a different ability of the mask. Once you have used enough techniques of a particular kind, one of the following messages will be appended to the end of your next combat (that you win?):

On further reflection, this mask could do admirably to hide (your hunt/your decisions/you/your emotions).

Each of those four messages unlocks an option when using the mask, with the following text. After selecting an option once you must unlock it again with the same method before you can select it again.

You've had some thoughts about the mask and concealment. It might be time to put them into practice.

options to Hide Your Hunt, Hide Your Decisions, Hide Yourself, or Hide Your Emotions if you've unlocked them

The following table summarizes which attributes unlock which options, and the effects of selecting each option when using the mask:
Using techniques based on… …unlocks the option to… …granting an effect with that name and the following bonuses
Perception Hide your Hunt +4 Perception
Moderately Increases Chance of Combat Encounters
Reflexes Hide Your Decisions +4 Reflexes
Moderately Increases Chance of Choice Encounters
Strength Hide Yourself +2 Stealth Power
+4 Strength
Will Hide Your Emotions +2 Etheric Power
+4 Will

You can select an option once per day. By default, selecting an option results in the following text:

You think deeply on the lessons of the mask and concealment, following the mask's grain with your fingertips as you meditate on its truths.

You've gained 20 duration of (the effect you selected).

If you previously used up all duration of a Hide effect without choosing to forget it (see below), then the next option you select, if different from your previous selection, will instead result in:

You think deeply on the previous lessons of the mask and the one you're stepping into, following the mask's grain with your fingertips as you meditate on its truths.

You've gained 30 duration of (the effect you selected).

The effect will disappear if you unequip the mask, but reappear with unchanged duration if you reequip it. If you have a Hide effect active, you can choose to remove it by using the mask again:

You've certainly learned something valuable from this mask, but you haven't fully explored that lesson's depths.

> Forget it:

Yeah, you should probably find your own way.
(removes all duration of Hide effects)

Using the mask when you've already selected an option today:

It's been an interesting day. There's probably still more to be learned from the mask, but you'll need some time to think about it.

Gaining XP and Learning Techniques

While a Hide effect is active, using techniques associated with the same attribute as the Hide effect can cause your next use of the mask to result in XP and techniques in addition to the effect you selected.

The numbers have not been fully spaded and there are possibly other factors involved (see discussion page), but it appears that the more you fight with those techniques, the more XP you will gain and the more instances of the technique you will learn.

The following table is part guesswork and might be altered as spading continues.

Using … techniques with … active and then selecting… will give you the XP in the first column & might teach you …
Perception Hide Your Hunt anything besides Hide Your Hunt? Masked Shot
Reflexes Hide Your Decisions anything besides Hide Your Decisions? Burning Mask
OR Gnawing Mask
OR Masked Evasion
formula is deterministic but unknown
Strength Hide Yourself anything besides Hide Yourself? Shadowed Mask
Will Hide Your Emotions anything besides Hide Your Emotions? Staring Mask

Each technique seems to be enhanced by particular kinds of equipment, often an associated disguise, even if you don't have the mask equipped. Summary of techniques:

Chain Technique Type Attribute Base Dam/Def Associated Equipment Notes
gnawingmask.jpg Gnawing Mask Melee Reflexes 4 ? bonus damge at Short Distance
shadowedmask.jpg Shadowed Mask Stealth Strength 2 Doctor Outfit +4 Base Damage as an Opener
burningmask.jpg Burning Mask Fire Reflexes ? ? enhanced versus etheric techniques
carnivaldodge.jpg Masked Evasion Evasion Reflexes 4 Trenchcoats enhanced as closer
carnivalgames.jpg Masked Shot Ranged Perception 5 Midgard Security Outfit enhanced following single shot techniques
staringmask.jpg Staring Mask Etheric Will ? Scaled Outfit ?
Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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