Acidic Blood


Image Gemmed-Puzzle-Box25.jpg
Description Your blood burns from the inside, somehow not harming you, but hurting all the same.
Hidden Flags Blood Effect
Effects Triggers acid when enough blood is spilled


Emerging from a fight wounded but victorious:
"Your blood drips down, burning as it goes. You trap some of it in vials in case you happen to need some acid later."
Trade in turns of the effect for flasks of powerful acid. Very roughly, I lost 20-ish hp and lost 16-ish turns to gain 3 flasks.

When beaten in a fight:
"You wake up in a pool of your own burning blood. Once you extract yourself and clean yourself off, you carefully collect some for future use."
Trade in all turns of the effect (or less if your hp total is small?) for powerful acid. I lost 7 turns for 2 flasks.


acidic dust (25 energy, 2 body)

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