Adult Supervision



Encounter Conditions

The day after Metroplex Day 2010, if you engaged in a Fireworks Trade?
Once only?


You find your way across the Quad blocked by an annoying knot of students. As you maneuver your way through, you find they've clumped around a woman speaking into a microphone with the cadence of a professional reporter.

You can just barely make out what she's saying, "… as you can see, the University has taken a strong stance to help protect its students in the future. I was able to speak with one of the Chairwoman's assistants after the conference and he confirmed that the University will be taking a stronger hand in this year's Halloween celebrations after last year's tragic fire…" She pauses for a moment, as though listening to a distant voice.

"It would seem that the Chairwoman's official statement is being delayed out of respect for the victims of the fire. So we can expect to hear more about this when the last of them is released from Midgard care. More on this story as it develops in the coming weeks. Back to you."

The students break up rapidly into cliques to discuss what they've heard as the reporter and her cameraman pack up their equipment. After a minute, it's like none of them were there, except the charred stretches of grass created by the fireworks that probably started the controversy.

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