Alarm System (Records Office)

For the other routine of the same name, see Alarm System (MBR).


Image redalertcontrol.jpg
Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
1 Offense You pound at the alarm system, but it seems to be hardened somehow. UNCONFIRMED ?
2-5? Offense The alarm system is hardened, but you still manage to send the entire thing crashing down.
(And, if the Records Office alert is high enough for the evacuation to have been sounded?)
At least the evacuation notices stop for the time being. It probably won't be long before this routine reboots, though.
? Removes routine. Lowers Records Office alert?
1-4 Command (and/or View) This system seems to interpret all commands the same way, as "Sound the Alarm!" Suffice it to say, the results of trying all valid commands is deafening. ? Raises Records Office alert?
View This system controls the alerts and sirens throughout the facility. As far as you can see, it's pretty simple: basically just a button that increments a timer, with everything else being handled behind the scenes.
Defense, Other Unable to interpret your batch, the alarm system defaults to sending out an alert. ? Raises Records Office alert?


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