Albino Crocodile


Image croc%20of%20anger.jpg
Combat Name The crocodile
HP 50
Stats Perception: 10
Reflexes: 4
Strength: 15
Will: 6
Power Melee: 8
Unopposed: 4
Defense Melee: 4
Ranged: 4
Fire: 3
Etheric: 6
Stealth: 4
Reactive: 0
Awards 5 XP
You found: one of: (sometimes, with Myers Sampling Kit)
 - albino crocodile hide
 - crocodile tail


Abandoned Subway


Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Roll in Sewage 1 18 Melee (first time)* ?? Restrain? Gives 1 turn of Submerged
'' 26-29 Melee (if submerged)* ?? Restrain
'' Nothing (if you evade all damage)* ?? Restrain
'' Evasion
(M, others?)
(if Clamp Down was vs. Evasion)*
Clamp Down 2 13 Melee (normal)
'' 18** Melee (unopposed)
'' Nothing (vs. Evasion)
Rush Bite 3 17 Melee (while not submerged)
'' 23 Melee (while submerged)
Water Lurk 4 6-10 Evasion
This opponent has +4 Power to all techniques when Unopposed.

Note: You lose all turns of submerged at the end of the fight.

* Roll in Sewage is weird. First: if the Clamp Down was blocked in the previous pass, it turns into an evasion attack. If not, then it does Melee damage with ??? (≥4) Restrain to the player. If you manage block all damage with an evasion move (even with the penalty), nothing happens. If not, then it gives you Submerged if you don't have it already, otherwise it does massive damage.
** This is actually always 22 power, since it required unopposed for an extra +4.


nomnom25.jpg You feast on the crocodile's flesh, regaining x Energy.
HandMirror25.jpg 1 XP
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