Ancient Candybar


Image candybar.jpg
Description The bums in Southside always complain about how you can't get these candybars anymore. Unfortunately, that probably means they were taken off the market when the bums in Southside still had money… and most of them were refugees after an industrial accident about a decade ago.

On the bright side, half the ingredients listed on the wrapper are preservatives, so it's probably still technically edible.
Type Food
Requires 1 Hunger
Use You gnaw on the ancient candybar until the woodlike texture softens into something recognizable as caramel.
Multi You gnaw on one candybar after another until they form one giant mass of caramel in your mouth.
Effects Gain 1-2 Energy


Drops from Insane Bum, Filthy Bum, Ganger, Protesters, Roaring Drunk, The Squatter King, Third Eye Poseur, Trash Golem

Abandoned Subway encounter: Dumpster with Digger
The Charnel House encounter: Grande Garbage Can Con Il Topo
Dockside Sewers encounters: Scavenge (Sewers), Squatter King's Secret Entrance
Halloween 2010 encounter: Halloween Plans
Midgard Bioresearch encounter: Empty Breakroom
Open Computer Lab encounter: Lost Programmer
The Quad encounter: Wave of Protesters
Southside Park encounters: Abandoned Barrel, Abduction, Dumpster Diving, Loose Brick, Scavenge (Southside),
Squatter's Refuge encounter: Abandoned Refuge
Underground Asylum encounter: Hall of Doors
Waterfront encounters: Scavenge (Waterfront)

Using megapinata or pinata

Using Monarch's Call in the Abandoned Subway or Dockside Sewers


Melt two Ancient Candybars
oven25.jpg 2 Ancient Candybars
= Chocolate
Melt a Caramel Bar into an Ancient Candybar
Caramel Bar Ancient Candybar
= Chocolate
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Goods
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