Ancient Intimation Of Peace



Encounter Conditions

One time only, no matter which choice you pick.

Initial Text

A man approaches you with his hands displayed in the ancient intimation of peace. "Saw what you did with the Fangs. Thought I could give you my number, maybe work together some time."

Despite his peaceful approach, he still moves like someone who's used to combat… possibly even someone who remembers more fights than you do.

Summary of Choices

  1. Accept the number - gain contact Grigori, removes this encounter
  2. Jump him - Fight Grigori, removes this encounter
  3. Turn him down - Walk Away, removes this encounter

Choice Text and Results

Accept the number

You add his number to your comm. "Let me know when you're interested in working together."

You've gained a new contact: Grigori

Jump him

"Well," he raises an eyebrow, "I suppose that's one answer."

(Fight Grigori)

Turn him down

"Very well," he nods. "I won't bother you again. Thanks for your work on the Fangs."

See Walk Away

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