Ancient Shroom



Encounter Conditions

Only after pitching in and then talking to the Mushroom Servant

Initial Text

Weaving your way to the mushroom creatures' gathering place, you find one of the creatures that looks almost comically old. It has stringy fungus standing in for a beard and walks hobbled over with a cane.

If you didn't suspect this was all some sort of strange hallucination to begin with, you'd probably start suspecting it after seeing this.

As you approach, the elder etches something on the ground with its cane.


Summary of Choices

  1. Ask for surrender (After talking with King of the Fae):
    1. Take the opening - Kill it
    2. Look for another way - Starts quest to destroy toys
    3. Ask what it means - Information
      1. Kill it - Kill it
      2. Find another way - Starts quest to destroy toys
      3. Back down - Gain 4 XP in Will
    4. Back down - Gain 4 XP in Will
  2. Ask David's question - Progress in quest after helping
  3. Check your progress (After agreeing to help) - Information, possibly gain 4 XP in Will
  4. Ask to help (Good) - Starts quest to destroy toys
  5. Ask about here - Information
  6. Nod and leave - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Ask for surrender

You demand its surrender. It shrugs, a strange looking expression without proper shoulders, and taps its cane on the ground.

With swift, sloppy strokes it writes out a message.

We know YOU. Your kind will never relent. Kill me if you wish.

It jabs its cane into the ground to form the last period and spreads its upper limbs wide, almost as if it's about to give you a hug.

Take the opening/Kill it

As promised, it doesn't put up a struggle. You kill it with only minimal effort.

Well, at least the other residents of this realm should be pleased.

Look for another way/Find another way

The same as "Ask to help"

Ask what it means

It scratches something on the ground with its cane. You don't recognize it at first, but it looks like a primitive representation of the Midgard logo.

You try to grill it for more information, but it doesn't seem to understand the intricacies of your questions.

Back down

As you lower your weapon, the creature scratches someone into the cavern floor with its cane. The writing's sloppy, but you think it says "Thank you."

Well, that makes you feel a little better about your life.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Ask David's question

The elder sketches a single word on the floor in large letters: DANGEROUS.

Or if you've checked your progress after helping him:

The elder steels itself for a moment and begins sketching words on the cavern floor.

It is DANGEROUS to know, but you have earned it. New things, even the ELDEST are created through the SIGHT.

Some can make more, grow. The ELDEST cannot, they are pure SIGHT.

Ask your friend, FATHER BALDUR. He has SEEN. He may not realize the importance of SIGHT.

Tell him this is why the SINGERS, the enemies of the ELDEST, hate him.

The elder stands back until you've read its message, then sweeps it back into chaos.

Check your progress

(Only after asking to help)

The elder scratches out a simple, if cryptic, message on the floor.

Still too many EYES.

(after some progress)

The elder scratches a simple message on the floor.

Good start.

Well, that's something.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

If you've brought down Joytime Products:

The elder scratches a simple message on the floor.

I think we have sent a message. Thank you.

Ask to help (Good (2))

It nods its cap towards you and begins scratching sloppy letters on the ground.

The ELDEST have no SPORES. They grow their numbers through SIGHT instead.

The Eldest seek more numbers. They use humans, give them books and toys. Try to find one with the SIGHT.

Above us. Destroy toys. They will look for PEACE.

Aside from capitalizing things like a crazy person, that was actually kind of coherent.

or, if completed:

The elder scratches something on the floor, then gives you a grandfatherly thump on the shoulder. You read the message as he wanders off.

YOU already saved us.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Ask about here

The elder writes something on the ground with a few simple flicks of its cane.

This is HOME.

That seems to be all the more detail he's capable of giving. Then again, it is rather hard to guess if it's holding out on you.

Or if you've helped him:

It stares up into space for a moment, then scratches a fair bit of text on the ground. The elder wanders off while you read.

HOME is here because it was SEEN. The ELDEST came later.

The ELDEST are old in your time. I was SEEN old as HOME was SEEN old.

You have to admit your head hurts a little bit, but you can blame it on the sloppy penmanship and capitalization.

Nod and leave

Something happens, but mostly it's just

See Walk Away

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