Ancient Thatched Hut



Encounter Conditions

Only occurred after climbing the ramp at the Snowy Tree

Initial Text

You see yourself… well, your reflection, at the door of an ancient thatched hut. Warm, flickering firelight drifts through its open door and you can almost smell the wood smoke… or at least what the Corps say wood smoke smells like.

Ah, this must be the little house you saw from the tree. Which puts your reflection… yes, at the base of the hill. How strange.

Summary of Choices

  1. Search the place - Earn 4 XP in Perception
  2. Take a nap - Recover 40-41 HP and removes all energy of Numbing Chill.
  3. Burn it down - Permanently replaces this encounter with Grave Reflection.
  4. Leave the home - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Search the place

You take a look around, moving around your room and glancing back at the mirror to get different angles on the cottage.

It's a little voyeuristic, really, seeing the contents of a life laid out under the torch light. It seems to be a strange life too, with a massive snake skin pinned to the wall like fine art, a porcelain ball mask lying on a table, and an impressive collection of pressed flowers.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Take a nap

You turn your back to the mirror and curl up, assuming your reflection will do the same. Well, at least you feel nice and warm, your room lit by the flickering firelight dancing from the mirror.

Hmmmm. Maybe you fell asleep for a while there, but you're feeling pretty well-rested.

You regain 40-41 hit points!
Removes all energy of Numbing Chill.

Burn it down

You set your reflection about the task of tearing a torch off the wall and setting the place ablaze. The torches seem firmly attached, however…

Instead you carefully maneuver your reflection to grab several pieces of fire wood, light them on the torches, and throw it to every corner of the room. The fire spreads hungrily, casting flickering shadows throughout your room.

Thankfully that's all that seems to pass into your room, although it actually seems risky in retrospect. You can feel the heat on your reflection's back as it makes its way out of the burning home.

Permanently replaces this encounter with Grave Reflection

Leave the home

You turn your back on the mirror for a moment, ignoring the reflections.

See Walk Away

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