And They'd Be Right



Encounter Conditions

Only with some sort of fishing pole equipped


Deep in the sewers, far away from the surface, you find a nice spot to sit down and fish. Now, some people would say you're crazy, but you're sure you'll find something neat here.

You found: [various items; see Fishing]

And, sometimes, without a line effect active:

And now your fishing line is filthy. Ewww.

You found: filthy fishing line

Or, sometimes, with High Test:

You haul up a massive chunk of old masonry, dripping with raw sewage. It's quite a workout, but the masonry ultimately crumbles back into the filthy waters.

Gain 4 XP in Strength

Or, sometimes, with High Test:

You haul up a surprisingly new looking manhole cover. It's filthy, of course, but seems to be relatively intact.

You found: manhole cover
Gain 4 XP in Strength

Or, sometimes, with increased High Test while Etheric:

Wow, you snagged something heavy. It's quite a workout just hauling it up.

A mass of rats boil out of the water, climbing up your fishing line and tearing at whatever flesh they can reach.

(Fight a rat king)
*Gives an additional 2 XP in Strength


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