Angry Corpse

This is a collection of the intro texts from pissed off zombie corpses going after you if you're a servant of the mask.

They all attack.

For stats see waterlogged corpse.

Image SewnZombie.jpg OR UnsewnZombie.jpg

Shoreline zombie:

As you make your way along the beach, a massive blast of sand rains down on you. A corpse, its eyes lit with rage, pulls itself from its sandy tomb and rushes you.

Oilslick Zombie:

You make your way out to the furthest reaches of the toxic sludge. It trembles under your feet as a decaying hand rips through to grab your leg.

A decaying corpse, covered in oily slime, pulls itself up to gaze at you with its hate-filled eyes.

Docks Zombie:

As you pass among the piles of crates, you hear a voice yell "traaaaaitor!" as a heavy form crashes down on you. The form, a long-dead man drenched in saltwater and seaweed, hammers at you with his fists.

Sewers Zombie:

As you pass a particularly deep stream of sewage, you feel a vice-like pain clamping down on your ankle. You look down to see a corpse, its mouth stitched shut, pulling itself out of the sewage by your ankle.

Damaged Building Zombie:

As you make your way through the ruined offices, you notice water beading up on the walls. You hear an animalistic grunt behind you and turn to see a decaying corpse moving towards you with alarming speed.

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