Animatronic Motor


Image Electric%20motor%2025.jpg
Description While this motor lasts, it should be able to move around a small frame. Even with a lot of them, it'd be pretty challenging to make a Midgard drone shuffle around.

You'd need a very specific purpose in mind for this.
Type Misc


Guidance System (Shoreline), from Shipping Drone Net (Halloween 2014)
Using a raven crate (Sometimes)
Halloween 2020: Parking Garage: Eclectic Collection of Boxes


Halloween 2022: Could be added to the Nearly Complete Animatronic.
… several other halloweens …

Animate your Articulated Snake with an Animatronic Motor
Articulated Snake Animatronic Motor
= Animatronic Snake
Animate your Stuffed Raven with an Animatronic Motor
Stuffed Raven Animatronic Motor
= Animatronic Raven
Enliven your Foam Skull with an Animatronic Motor
Foam Skull Animatronic Motor
= Chattering Skull
Animate your Plastic Gargoyle with two Animatronic Motors (2 Energy)
Plastic Gargoyle Animatronic Motor
Injured Gargoyle Animatronic Motor
= Animatronic Gargoyle
Use an Animatronic Motor to force water through a Gas Mask closed up with Sealant Patches
Spooky Swamp Construction encounter
WeldingTorch25.jpg Animatronic Motor, Gas Mask, Sealant Patches
= Water Pump
Breathe life into your Giant Doll with an Animatronic Motor
Giant Doll Animatronic Motor
= Animatronic Doll
Assemble four Polysteel Supports, a Foam Skull, an Animatronic Motor, and a Skull Pile
Learned Recipe: Learn from Halloween 2019 encounter
4 Polysteel Support Foam Skull Animatronic Motor Skull Pile
= Skull Fountain
toolbox.jpg Salvageable but unknown result
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Goods
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