Anniversary Pocket Mirror


Image compactmirror.jpg
Description There isn't much call for pocket mirrors like this outside of applying makeup, so you don't see a ton of them in Southside. This one in particular looks to be of good manufacture, silver except for the requisite glass.

Aside from the silver being untarnished, it looks like an antique. Even the Midgard logo on the back is the old-fashioned one they're moving away from.

There's a… seemingly incomplete engraving on the bottom: "May you see as many years in front of you as this lets you see behind you." There's also a spot for someone's name and a date, but those have been left blank.
Type Offhand
Effects +2 Stealth Defense
Reflects Your Weapon†


Zack's House of Coins Season 18 (for one unearthly coin)

†Reflects Your Weapon

When the mirror is equipped, the "Reflects Your Weapon" bonus is replaced by an effect called "<Weapon> Reflection" and a list of bonuses matching those of the weapon.

Weapon Effect Additional Reflection Effect
Any Melee Power ≥ 1 +2 Melee Power
Any Ranged Power ≥ 1 +2 Ranged Power
Any Fire Power ≥ 1 +2 Fire Power
Any Etheric Power ≥ 1 +2 Etheric Power
Any Stealth Power ≥ 1 +2 Stealth Power
Any Evasion Power ≥ 1 +2 Evasion Power
Any Unopposed Power ≥ 1 +2 Unopposed Power
Any Morale ≥ 1 +2 Morale
Any Melee Defense ≥ 1 +2 Melee Defense
Any Ranged Defense ≥ 1 +2 Ranged Defense
Any Fire Defense ≥ 1 +2 Fire Defense
Any Etheric Defense ≥ 1 +2 Etheric Defense
Any Stealth Defense ≥ 1 +2 Stealth Defense
Any Perception ≥ 1 +4 Perception
Any Reflexes ≥ 1 +4 Reflexes
Any Strength ≥ 1 +4 Strength
Any Will ≥ 1 +4 Will
Any Sight Link ≥1 +1 Sight Link1

1 at time of writing, it is only possible to test this with Sight Link 1 weapons

Additionally, some weapons have special, extra enchantments that don't correspond with the above table.
Weapon Extra Effect
(no weapon equipped) "Empty Hand Reflection" (+6 to all attributes)
Any custom weapon Slightly Increases Chance of PvP Encounters
Any fishing pole +2 Fishing
Any silver weapon with Mercy Killer +2 Etheric Defense* (hidden)
achromatic blade Glows with a Mysterious Light (hidden)
achromatic rifle Glows with a Mysterious Light (hidden)
antique hand mirror +2 XP each Combat (hidden)
Bonus reflections on use. See below for details*
bug net +1 Bug Catching
mislit mask +2 Evasion Power
mislit rusted sword +2 Melee Defense
mislit torch +2 Etheric Defense
sword hilt +2 Etheric Power
+2 Melee Power

*This bonus stacks with the ordinary +2 etheric defense you get from mirroring a reflective baton (currently the only silver weapon that grants etheric defense).

Effects that don't seem to be reflected (at least in the item description) include:


If you are hit with a gaze technique with this item equipped, you block some of the attack, giving this text:

[opponent attacks]. You reflect part of its gaze, avoiding <x> damage.

One instance of the Reflected Gaze technique is also added to your current technique draw.

Chain Technique Type Attribute Base Damage Notes
reflectedgaze.jpg Reflected Gaze Etheric Reflexes ? added directly to your hand; cannot be added to your deck normally

Mirror Gazing

Using Mirror Gazing with an anniversary pocket mirror equipped, after capturing 5 or more of the same opponent with catch reflection gives a different message:

The reflection and its endless collection of twins swirl in your hand mirror.

This and further captures count as double rewards when using Mirror Gazing.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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