Anti-Tampering Measures



Encounter Conditions

With sufficient guards


You can hear the muffled sounds of an argument echoing over the cubicles. When you find its source, it seems that a pair of students are trying to get past a security guard.

If anything, the security guard seems more out of place. Midgard usually handles things here, so it's surprising to see anyone else in place.

But, apparently there are supplies beyond him that he isn't willing to let the students "tamper with."

NOTE: initially the choices did not show up until Oct 30. Bugged?

Summary of Choices

  1. Break it up - Gain 2 XP in Will
  2. Attack the guard - Fight Dock Security
  3. Attack the students - Fight 2 Hipsters and Dock Security
  4. Back away - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Break it up

You insert yourself into the midst of the conflict. Both sides back down pretty quickly once it's clear things might escalate.

The students depart and, as you're turning to leave yourself, the guard thanks you for the help and apologizes for getting caught up in the moment.

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Attack the guard

You jump the guard. The students stare in awe and fear for a moment, then scatter.

(Fight Dock Security)

Attack the students

You leap at the students. There's a momentary beat, after which the guard joins the fight, cursing himself for taking this stupid job.

(Fight 2 Hipsters and Dock Security)

Back away

Yeah, no need to get sucked into some argument. The guard looks like he can handle this, although he's certainly not getting much else done.

Walk Away.

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