Antiquated Monitors



Encounter Conditions

Subway unflooded

Initial Text

You catch a bit of electronic flickering from down near the rails and, as there doesn't seem to be a train coming anytime soon, drop down against the wall.

Tucked in a little alcove here, there's a set of antiquated computer monitors, displaying video feeds from all over the station. Either they added the computers more recently or something weird's going on, because the rest of the station seems far older than this.

While you consider that, a small red light begins blinking over a button labeled "Open Gate."

Summary of Choices

  1. Hit the button - Floods the subway until rollover, changing the available encounters
  2. Monitor the cameras - With Shining Glasses equipped adds an instance of the Spectral Damsel to the combat encounters
  3. Check train times - Gain 4 XP in Will
  4. Salvage some parts (only with salvaging tools) - Gain 2? of: frayed cable, shorted cable
  5. Leave it - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Hit the button


You hit the blinking button and hear the response immediately, the shriek of metal on metal further down the trench you're in. Huh.

The roar of water confirms your suspicions, but you're able to scramble back to the main platform just as the computer is washed away by a tidal wave of raw sewage.

You've earned 8 XP in Reflexes

(Removes several encounters and unlocks several more — see main location page for details)

Monitor the cameras


You look over the various security feeds. The whole facility is beautiful, really, clean tile and beautiful crystal. Flickering shapes of men and women, dressed to the nines in fashions from centuries ago, wander through the terminal.

They all seem to be waiting for something, maybe the train, but you don't see any sign of it.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

With the shining glasses equipped:

You look over the cameras, looking, looking for someone vital. Ah, there we go. As long as you don't let anyone side track you, she should do nicely.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception
(Unlocks solo fight with Spectral Damsel)

Check train times

There's an interface for train times, but there aren't any scheduled for today… or anytime this month. It's easy enough to go back month-by-month holding down the button.

Ah, there! Back in the 20th Century, it ran rarely, just some nights at midnight. That's… a little weird.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Salvage some parts

You easily crack open the paneling and pull out a handful of sparking cables. The computer screens don't so much as flicker, so you pull out a second handful. Still nothing.


You found 2(?) of: frayed cable, thick cabling, shorted cable.

Leave it

See Walk Away

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