Antique Control Gloves


Image controlglove.jpg
Description Although they're showing their age, these gloves include a dizzying array of customizable buttons and sensors for use with a virtual keyboard. Unlike modern control gloves, you can't fully close your hands, which is quite a problem if you're going to shoot someone rather than act like you're shooting data.
Type Weapon (Gloves)
Functions tactileattack.jpgtactileattack.jpgtactilecommand.jpgtactilecommand.jpgbrutenovos.jpgbasicfiltering.jpg
Effects +1 Code Finesse
-4 Melee Power
-4 Ranged Power


Received in a message after talking about hacking with Davis at the Computer Lab Coffee Machine and tagging a certain number (8?) sites:

Nice Work - New
From: Davis (Computer Lab)
Sent: <date>
Man, when we talked about marking sites, I didn't think I was _that_ inspiring. I can't condone hacking, so this personal gift is totally unrelated to any illegal activities you may be engaged in.


Sometimes when using Tactile Strike or Tactile Command, the gloves will crash with the following message:

It looks like that manipulation was too much for your gloves. You'll have to reboot them when you're not quite so busy.


It looks like that strike was too much for your gloves. You'll have to reboot them when you're not quite so busy.

This gives you the Crashed Control Gloves effect for the rest of the battle (1 Energy) and replaces the normal functions from the gloves with Crashed Program if you reconnect. The function still successfully works on the round where the gloves crash.


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg Polysteel, Twitch Controller
GoldCoins.jpg .2 Goods
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