Antique Floor Mirror


Image themirror25.jpg
Description Although cracked in every imaginable way, this mirror is still obviously a valuable antique. The frame is made out of richly colored wood. And it's real wood at that, not any of the weird layered polysteel and paper stuff OmniTech tries to pass off as NuWood.

It's fully the width of a bed and looks like it's intended to stand on the floor.

On second thought, you could probably mount it at the head of your bed… waking up in the middle of the night to see a thousand of your own faces, staring at you and screaming silently. Okay, yeah, the floor is probably the better option.
Type Furniture
Use You set up the antique mirror in the corner furthest from your bed. Its myriad cracks scatter light through the room, leaving momentary impressions of strange shapes that disappear when you look at them too closely.
Effect Adds an Antique Mirror to your apartment.


Zack's House of Coins - Originally available in season 3 for 3 unearthly coins; see House of Coins page for current rotation



You gaze into the mirror, following the cracks here and there, noting every imperfection. Slowly, the shapes seem to move.

And one of the following:

(Hel / Strength:)
You see a dark night, barely moonlit… wind whipping the rain against bare trees… a stone tower silhouetted by the moon.

(David / Will:)
You see a night in the depths of winter… a frozen-over pond… snow piled everywhere, even in the branches of trees.

(Dr. A. / Reflexes:)
You see a brilliant day, far brighter than your room… trees in bloom, extending for miles… fields of flowers.

(Lo / Perception:)
You see a day in the sweltering height of summer… trees heavy with fruit, swaying in the breeze… a calm forest pool.

Your reflection stares back at you from the heart of the forest, studying your eyes through the cracked glass.

Gazing into the mirror sets your location to Fractured Reflection.


Which area you have unlocked depends on which areas you've unlocked (while in run), or which contact you've chosen at the end of the survivors quest (while post-run), as follows:

Season In run unlock Post run unlock
Summer Southside Lo
Winter The Docks David
Spring Metroplex U Dr. Amundsen
Fall The Slags Hel

When you gain energy of a Perspective buff while still having a different one active, the gained energy is added to the amount you had and the buff changes to the new version.


Chain Technique Type Attribute Base Dam/Def Notes
masqueattack.jpg Behind the Mask Evade Strength 4 Becomes a Stealth attack as the opening Technique in a Chain or following other Evasion
clashingblow.jpg Clashing Blow Melee Strength 8 Clashes against other Melee attacks
blazingtorch.jpg Blazing Torch Fire Will - enhanced while Etheric, following Fire, and/or with the mislit torch equipped


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.

Remaining Mysteries

From Podcast 42:

Q: Going backwards a bit, any clues you can give us on the mirror? There hasn't been a whole lot of progress beyond that odd message in Spring. Which would 'imply' that we want to hit Summer next. And following the trend, it's about reaching triggers without causing events in the season. But giving apples and the snake skins to the girl and not fishing up the snake doesn't seem to DO anything. Especially since there's no tunnel encounter.

A: The thing that people could get today if they wanted to - there are certain things you can do with the shards when you're in the right mindset.

From Podcast 42:

The minigames in the seasons are distinct.

From Podcast 41:

Some stuff is more interesting in-run but the big stuff that's still missing… some can be done in-run, some has to be done out of run or across runs.

From Podcast 40:

I think that figuring out their [the girls'/womens'] stories would be a very useful thing to do, as far as figuring out other stuff.

From Podcast 32:

nothing you are missing is in one season. At least nothing that I was talking about that is hard to find. There's a couple trans-seasonal bits.

From Podcast 54:

So, the major things that are undiscovered, one [category] of them is very tricky. Requires a lot of - sort of what I was talking about the runes before before, I don't want to say deeper meaning, but the way that things work in the story is informing the unlocks. So there is a pretty serious one that involves stuff within the mirror and also outside, and how those interplay in a pretty deep way. The other category of thing also kind of involves stuff outside the mirror in a way, in that it doesn't require adventures in the mirror, but taking a different look at crafting and getting into the right groove with that. Was kind of expecting people to figure out at first but looking back, I'm like, why did I ever expect people to figure that out?

  • Is there a technique in the Fractured Reflection (Summer) zone to match Clashing Blow, Behind the Mask, and Blazing Torch?
  • Each season (except Summer?) has an option that you are offered but seemingly can't do successfully:
    • Spring: is it possible to climb the Blooming Tree? From Podcast 23: "It is definitely possible to climb the tree (it is in the Autumn)… not sure about spring."
    • Autumn: Is there a way to move the cauldron in the Small Hut? Podcast 42: "I would have to look to make sure, but not actually sure you can move move the cauldron."
    • Winter: Is it possible to burn down that smug Snowy Tree?
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