Antiques Shop

Note: This page refers to Oldos hacking, and no longer exists in the game.

Can be found with intrusive search and target search, among other searches.

Keywords: antiques, junk, rags, treasures, nostalgia, memories, memento


Action Access Alert* Notes
Elevate Privileges - variable
Browse Security Logs Full control/Level 5 0
Cancel Alert Full control/Level 5 - Allowed safely ? times
Browse Public Files Level 1 ?7-9?
Reroute Shipment Level 2 ?
Steal Funds Level 3 ?
Browse Secure Files Level 4 ?
Browse Hidden files Level 6 ? Requires deep file scan
Log out - ?2-5?

* Incognito reduces this - see Alert level for details.

Browse Public Files

You can't find anything but meeting minutes, project plans, and calendar entries. You read over a couple files before your eyes feel like they'll start bleeding.

<name> is apparently a business but it's hard to say what they sell for sure. It's just… jargon and corporate red tape a mile deep.

You've earned 2 XP in Will

… Actually… this business plan looks pretty detailed and a little shady. You're not sure who wants to see <name> take a dive the most, but they'd probably pay good money.

You found: business plan

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Reroute Shipment

A shipment is passing nearby, through Metroplex, so you reroute it to near your place and pick it up after the mail drone has left.

And then one of:

Steal Funds

You brazenly transfer some funds over to your account.

You gained x credits!

or, condition?

You transfer some funds down to your account. Hopefully your shielding programs will prevent them from connecting the dots.

You gained ?-20-? credits!

Browse Secure Files

You find <name>'s mailing lists. You'd feel a bit dirty selling them, but you put off that decision for later.

You found: mailing list

They've got some design specs for an old processor in here. You study them for a bit.

You've learned a new quest recipe: Gold Processor - Coat a Processor Chip's connections with Gold Foil

Browse Hidden Files (requires Deep File Scan)

You find their customer database. They did a pretty good job of hiding it, but not nearly good enough.

You found: 3-4 mailing list

You find their internal guide for identifying fake antiques. It's not that interesting directly, but it goes into a lot of good detail about questioning people and observing minor discrepancies.

You've earned 6 XP in Perception

You find a database proving, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that <site> is sending expeditions into impoverished countries and robbing them blind. Looks like they're poaching endangered species while they're there, just to add insult to injury.

You found: raiding database

It looks like <name> has been involved in some hacking of their own. Either that or the passwords for their rival's site just fell here for no reason.

You crack into <link to different site> with the credentials you've gained. They don't seem to have administrative rights, but you've got a nice foothold. (Gives level 2 or 3 access to a new site)

Possibly only from the Junk Shop subtype?:

You find a database labeled 'Language Study for Midgard.' It's pretty hard to pass that up.

You download the massive file. (If you have a puzzle box: Unfortunately, it doesn't seem related to the runes on the puzzle box. However,) The database appears to have something to do with that strange document you tried to read before.

You found: mysterious language database (only available after reading ancient notes)

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