Approaching Worker



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

An office workers approaches you, weaving through the cubicles.

Although his suit looks normal enough, you can see something twitching beneath it. And his face… well, at best he's wearing a cheesecloth mask, but it really looks like pallid skin has grown over his face.

Summary of Choices

  1. Jump him - Fight Faceless Worker, Evil (1)
  2. Have a chat - 2 XP Will
  3. Share blotted documents (with blotted document) - Walk away
  4. Back away - Fight Faceless Worker or with Parasitic Vine, Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Jump him (Evil (1))

His features distort slightly, perhaps the equivalent of eyes widening in shock and he leaps to defend himself.

(Fight Faceless Worker)

Have a chat

You have a very one-sided conversation with the faceless man. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he doesn't vocalize any responses.

But, no matter what you say, he gestures excitedly. It's kind of gratifying.

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Share blotted documents

You hand him the blotted documents. He flips a couple pages, pausing and nodding at the right points, before wandering off.

Well, at least he seems happy.

(Walk Away)

Back away

You try to pass the worker, but he blocks your way. He shakes his head and leaps to the attack.

(Fight Faceless Worker)

Or, with Parasitic Vine:

The worker gives you a polite nod as you pass by.

(Walk Away)

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