Artificial Neural Fibers


Image neuroticfiber25.jpg
Plural artificial neural networks
Description The best cyberware uses vatgrown tissue or, if you listen to urban legends, brain tissue harvested from kidnapped children. This is the lower end option, wires sheathed with plastic so they don't interact too much with the surrounding body.
Type Misc


Midgard Scientist, with salvaging kit

toolbox.jpg Midgard neural expander (2-3)


Arrange two Biomonitor Circuits, two Signal Buffers, and five Artificial Neural Fibers
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Neural Mesh Plans
toolbelt.jpg 2 Biomonitor Circuits, 2 Signal Buffers, and 5 Artificial Neural Fibers
= Neural Mesh
toolbox.jpg circuit fragments
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Goods
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