Attach SD6 Tool


Image PDAconnectionsystem.jpg
Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense You crash the PDA connection routine. It's probably fine, though, you don't think anyone was using it anyway. ? (Removes Routine, no XP)
Command You connect the SD6 Tool and cue the connection sequence. The security system establishes a momentary uplink with Midgard's core servers. Several progress bars roll by while you wait.

A final screen displays the slightly strange message:

Emergency Encryption Removed
Documents Recovered
Encryptor: SPVidar
Decryptor: SPSigurd

Regardless of who or what those might be, you manage to safely pull the patch from the tool to your comm, leaving the patch tool relatively usable.
5? You found: SD6 patch,
You found: patch support handheld
(You lose: SD6 tool)
View This system includes some sort of uplink to a distant Midgard server. The tags say it's solely for verifying and reversing "emergency decryption." ?
Other The connection software patiently waits for you to connect a PDA. ?


Only shows up if you have the SD6 tool:

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