Audience With The King



Encounter Conditions

Orbital Watch equipped, after talking to the king in the Well Appointed Tower

Initial Text

Back through the veil of dust, you find yourself in a small audience chamber with a literal king. He seems surprisingly considerate, explaining his desire to stop the corporatists' drone forces with a single strike against their headquarters to kill the humans controlling the donres… if he knew where their headquarters was or how it was guarded.

His desire hangs on your response, giving you the strange impression that you share a similar rank with him.

Summary of Choices

  1. Agree to help - gain 20 National Hunt, unlock Dreaming Dust Castle
  2. Suggest peace - end encounters*, or with national crown: gain 20 Flicker of Peace (first time per day) or learn National Call
  3. Back out - return to Well Appointed Tower

Choice Text and Results

Agree to help

He smiles broadly in response to your offer, clasping your hand in his.

You've gained 20 duration of National Hunt.

(Hidden: Lose all energy of Creating Distance)

(Unlocks Dreaming Dust Castle encounter next.)

Suggest peace

You lay out your points, but he just grows more and more upset. Finally, he orders you executed. No one seems inclined to help as you are strapped in a wooden contraption and torn to pieces.

The world seems clearer when you awake, bereft of the cloud of dust lingering at its edges. But the pain somehow lingers.

You've gained 20 duration of Ruptured Organs.

Or, with a national crown equipped:

He nods along with your points, treating you as an equal or even superior. It's a long process, but he eventually comes around on the topic.

Well, sort of…

He'll come to the table as long as the corporations will come to the table.

You've gained 20 duration of Flicker of Peace.

Or, with princess bloom equipped:

He nods along with your points, tears struggling to escape from his eyes. He'll come to the table as long as the corporations will come to the table.

As you turn to leave, he reclaims the flower left by his ancestor in your keeping, finally letting the tears flow.

You've gained 50 duration of Flicker of Peace.

(Lose princess bloom)

Or, further times this day after getting either of the above Flicker of Peace results:

You further discuss the details of peace, including a rambling tangent about the fate of the soldiers after they return home. He's very emphatic about them not ending up on the streets of Southside, which asks more questions than it answers.

That said, you make a few suggestions and make a positive impression with the troops.

You learned a new Technique: National Call

Back out

He nods sadly, letting you slip back out and into the crowd.

(Unlocks Well Appointed Tower encounter again.)


This encounter does not consume energy.

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