Avatar Of Flame



Encounter Conditions

After Fiery Transformation

Initial Text

A flicker of green light catches your eye. When you turn to take in the situation, you're greeted by an unpleasant sight.

At first glance, it looks like the girl you saw earlier is surrounded in green flames. It takes a moment to realize that she seems utterly nonplussed, wearing a slight smirk on her face. Unless it's well hidden, there's nothing left of her but fire and the echo of her form.

Several students charge past you, away from her. She flicks her hand casually, sending a jet of flame after them.

Summary of Choices

  1. Kill her - Fight Herald of Fire
  2. Try the Castor capsule (If you have one and have used the trick or treat note) - take damage, gain 20 XP Will
  3. Bow to her - Gain 20 XP Perception
  4. Jump in the way - Take damage, gain 4 XP Will
  5. Outrun them - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Kill her

She makes a strange crackling sound you can faintly identify as laughter. "Isn't this what you wanted? Extending our reach a little further?"

She shrugs, sending green sparks leaping from her. "Very well. If you cannot die, let's at least see how well you burn."

(Fight Herald of Fire)

Try the Castor capsule

She sneers as you charge forward, your fist closed around the capsule to protect it from the heat.

You take 37 damage.

You bring your hand in front of her face, the flames tearing at you, burning and freezing.

You force the pill down her throat and she doubles over, vomiting up green flame, then punch, then blood. The flames on her body slowly flicker and fade.

All over the hall, people stop as though transfixed for a moment. Most of them resume running, while a few stay to tend the injured and dying.

Thankfully, campus security has ambulances nearby, although they were probably expecting alcohol poisoning, not an insane rampage. You're able to help her down there, but she seems quite unclear on what's happened.

You've earned 20 XP in Will

Bow to her

You hastily bow as she approaches. She smiles down at you, leaving an arc of green light burned into your vision.

"You are wise in the face of mounting pressure and madness… Remember this. I may yet have need for your services." She gently pushes her fingers, little more than jets of green fire, into your left eye.

You pass out, dreaming of a strange city lit by her unnatural light. When you come to, your eye has healed, but a trail of blood and fluid still runs down your cheek.

You've earned 20 XP in Perception

(Tested with different people high and not high)

Jump in the way

You leap in front of her next target, protecting them with your own body. The green flames tear into you, burning and freezing as they rip through your body.

You take 24 damage.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Outrun them

Yeah, it's hard to imagine anyone blaming you for not wanting to deal with that.

See walk away

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