Backbone Control

A Novos version of Subversion Testing. All University Net (and Shipping Drone Net?) sites are routed through a communication "backbone relay". There are currently four relay sites:

Through hacking the Backbone Connection, you can control the backbone relay and accumulate points for the Golden Chip Backbone Control leaderboard, which looks something like this:

Backbone Control (example)

Name Gang Control Relays
xerf Ichnae 64 Sewers
xKiv Ichnae 43 Southside, Quad
Erenoth Hounds of Hameln 14 -
Al Hounds of Hameln 2 Waterfront


A single player can "hold control" of a backbone site by hacking into one of the above four relay sites and Commanding the Backbone Connection. This gives +1 leaderboard point with the message:

You sneak a command through to tap the connection for the Golden Chip. They should be quite pleased once the data starts flowing in.

That player is now in control of that backbone and it is listed next to their name on the leaderboard. If another player Commands the Backbone Connection, the control is transferred to the new player. If another player Attacks the Backbone Connection, no one gets control of that backbone.

If you have a backbone, whenever another player finds a random University Net site, you get +1 leaderboard point.

Additionally, Commanding a Connection Buffer gives +1 leaderboard point. This does not require backbone control.

Checking over the buffered connections, it seems a lot of them are being redirected… there's some strange code by <player>. It's definitely siphoning off some information. You can't modify it from here, but you can siphon off a little to call your own.

If no one has taken control this season:

No one has asserted control during this timespan.


At the end of the season, checking the leaderboard will distribute rewards.

For the top(?) scorer:

Thanks from the Golden Chip
Congratulations! We have some code for you and a few things waiting for you at the OmniMall.

You found: X backend code

And, when checking your gifts at OmniMall:

From OmniMall Customer Service:

It appears the following package was left as a gift for you, but temporarily misplaced due to computer error. We apologize for any inconvenience.

You found: X cans of BANG! Cola


From OmniMall Customer Service:

It appears the following package was also left as a gift for you, but temporarily misplaced due to another computer error. We apologize for any additional inconvenience.

You found: comm dish core

Otherwise: (Is it possible to get more than 1 without being highly ranked?)

Thanks from the Golden Chip
Thanks for your help. We have some code you might be interested in that we've managed to harvest thanks to your assistance.

You found: backend code

Your Signal

Various programs crafted out of the backend code give bonuses based on "Your Signal", which seems to be equal to the number of backbones you currently control?

Program Bonuses
cacophony producer Increases Etheric Power, decreases Etheric Defense
integrated choreography Increases Evasion Power, Reflexes
integrated hunt Increases Stealth Power, Perception
integrated verification Increases Etheric Power, Will
integrated targeting Increases Ranged Power, Perception
integrated vision Increases Perception
integrated vigilance Increases Stealth Defense, Perception
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