Bar Drone



Encounter Conditions

Cleared the Unruly Tiger encounter without harassing the bartender?

Initial Text

The bartender gives you a nod as you make your way back to the bar and points up at a chalk menu. It's mostly different kinds of house-brewed beers, but a few mixed drinks as well, all of them far more expensive than you'd expect outside of Downtown.

It goes back to cleaning some glasses, a synthesized track playing reminiscent of humming.

Summary of Choices

  1. Buy an ale for 25 credits - Gain Cellar Door ale for 25 credits
  2. Get their stout for 25 credits - Gain Cellar Door stout for 25 credits
  3. Grab a gin and tonic for 40 credits - Gain gin and tonic for 40 credits
  4. Try the red for 40 credits - Gain glass of red for 40 credits
  5. Order a martini for 50 credits - Gain martini for 50 credits
  6. Talk patrons - Unlocks options to talk below
  7. Talk cyberware (After choosing "Talk patrons") - Unlock Griffin's Court
  8. Talk Third Eye (After choosing "Talk patrons") - Information
  9. Talk hackers (After choosing "Talk patrons") - Unlock Cellar Door Ghost
  10. Talk Halloween (during Halloween 2017 event) - Information
  11. Leave him be - Walk Away

Choice Text and Results

Buy an ale for 25 credits

"Coming right up," the bartender chirps, sliding you a freshly-drawn pint of ale.

You found: Cellar Door ale
(Lose 25 credits)

Get their stout for 25 credits

"A stout? Can do!" the bartender pulls you a drink and slides it over.

You found: Cellar Door stout
(Lose 25 credits)

Try the red for 40 credits

The bartender shows you a bottle that looks like all the other bottles, then pours you a glass of wine.

You found: glass of red
(Lose 40 credits)

Grab a gin and tonic for 40 credits

"Of course, of course, gotta make sure you get your Vitamin Q," the bartender mixes up a drink and delicately places a wedge of lime on top.

You found: gin and tonic
(Lose 40 credits)

Order a martini for 50 credits

"Shaken, right? Never mind, they're all shaken." As if to prove the point, the bartender enthusiastically shakes up a martini for you, pouring it out into the traditional glass.

You found: martini
(Lose 50 credits)

Talk patrons

The bartender nods and drops into what sounds like a rehearsed speech. "Well, we've got good eggs and bad eggs. Rebellious kids and rejuvenated retirees. Hackers and killers. We take all kinds as long as you don't tow the company line and aren't too attached to the human form."

"Oh, speaking of bad eggs, thanks for helping out with that situation early. The kids playing gangland make-believe are always more dangerous than the real thing… unless you piss the real thing off."

It leans forward theatrically and stage-whispers. "Don't piss them off. Or do, especially if they're the Third Eye. Pill pushers."

Talk cyberware

"Ah, God, cyberware. It's a thing of beauty, isn't it? Taking your body, making it something you want to live in rather than something you're stuck with?"

It cocks its head to the side. "Got a few full-conversions like me and Griffin… just enough human left to know 'human' is bullshit. He's the skeleton. Friendly enough and a good hookup if you want to follow in his footsteps."

"Oh, yeah, Griffin still does the 'he' thing. I stick with 'it' because I'll stick with whatever isn't human, thanks."

"If you don't want to go down all the way with Griffin, most folks here just drop by the cybernetics store across the way. You know, support your local businesses, fight the man and… there aren't many other places that sell the stuff we want anyway."

(Unlocks Griffin's Court encounter.)

Or, if Griffin is dead:

"Ah, God, cyberware. It's a thing of beauty, isn't it? Taking your body, making it something you want to live in rather than something you're stuck with?"

It sighs. "But since your whole fight with Griffin, the only supplier we've got are those butch… fine folks across the street. Good work."

It pauses, letting the emotion drain from its voice. "So you'd better head over there. I'm sure you'll get along just fine."

Talk Third Eye

"Hmmmm?" it nods. "The Third Eye should be welcome here and, well, they technically are, at least the ones that get the skull implants. It's a good look, I'll grant them that."

"But Midgard seems to like them dealing Eclipse and that's something we're not fans of here. I haven't tried it myself, not enough meat left for most drugs to work, but Midgard can go suck a gun barrel."

Talk hackers

He nods and stares into a mug for a moment. "We've got the Ghosts here, our own resident hackers. They do contract work for folks here, but mostly keep to themselves."

"Don't worry about your comm or anything, this is their neutral ground. They don't pull anything shady… well, don't pull anything shady unless you're paying them."

Leave him be

It gives you a nod as you pass.

(Walk Away)


Talk Halloween

In the leadup to Halloween 2020 through 2023:

There's a faint electronic crackle as it begins to speak. "Ahhhh, Halloween, the one night a year we can reveal our true forms."

"Too commercial. Too commercial indeed. I say that, but I've… well, hopefully I'll have a nice surprise this year."

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