Encounter Conditions

Only if not Etheric

Initial Text

The bartender glances up as you get near the bar. "Hey, ya need somethin'?"

Summary of Choices

  1. Just a drink
    1. Metros Light - 1 Metros Light (for 5 credits)
    2. Whiskey, straight up - 1 whiskey bottle (for 10 credits)
    3. An over/under - 1 the over/under (for 12 credits)
    4. Nevermind - Nothing
  2. I'm buying a round - Lose 100 credits, gain 10 Third Eye Points* (if you have too few creds just lose 1 energy for no further effect)
  3. What's the news? - Reminds you that you have VIP access
  4. Nothing - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Just a drink

Something happens that leeds to the choice between option1a and option1b

I'm buying a round

(If you have 100 credits)

You yell out "Round on me!" The handful of people close enough to hear cheer you on and order their drinks.

Comes out to 100 credits, but what's a few dozen credits compared to those smiling faces?

(Lose 100 credits, gain 10 Third Eye Points)


The bartender looks you up and down then points towards the door. "What're you, a comedian? Come back when you've got some cred! Get outta here!"

What's the news?

(If The Protest is still active, first time)

"The news? Damned kids are protesting again on the Quad, I guess that's news. Bad for business," he says, ignoring the bar packed far past its limit.

"Hey, you look like you can crack some skulls if you need to. Third Eye won't do a damned thing to them, but if you can get them to go home… well, I can't pay you a ton, but you're on the VIP list, I'll say that."

(If The Protest is still active, subsequent times)

"News? Not too much going on, I guess. Stupid kids are still protesting. Didya consider my offer on that?"

"VIP for life ain't nothing to scoff at."

Also, this doesn't take any energy, not even the .2 you would spend if you skipped this encounter. Keep it mum and let's see how long it takes Kinak to notice. >.>


"News? You're the news! Man o' man, you cleared out those kids. Business is way, way back up."

"And like I said, VIP for life. That's you!"


You head back into the bar. This place is huge and densely packed. It'll probably be half an hour before you get to the opposite wall though the throng.

See Walk Away

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