Basement Ballroom (2010)


Combat Encounters

Opponent Text Notes
2 Trash Golems You find yourself lost in the twisting, narrow hallways near the ballroom. Eventually, a set of stairs lead you outside.

It's no wonder the students stay inside with these hulking beasts waiting for them outside.
Only while Etheric; may drop lead pipe, polysteel and thick cabling in addition to normal drops
Bat Swarm As you make your way through the hall, you're confronted by a swarm of bats that pull away from a window to dart and weave around you.

Ah! Goddamn bats!
Only while Etheric; defeating them also gives 4 (?) paper mache with this message:

"But none of that explains why these bats bleed paper mache."
Burning Specter A fire bursts from between the bricks of the wall, crackling in some semblance of words.

"You! Not again! Not again!" Arms of fire and shadow reach out the wall, stretching towards you.
Only while Etheric; gain 10 energy of Halloween Lament if you win and don't already have some active
2 Twisted Hounds You hear a strange, rapid beat and turn around to discover it's the sound of two crystalline hounds running over concrete. They're barreling right for you, like they've found their mission in life. Only while etheric?
Punk Student A student with a mohawk approaches you, apparently quite angry about something. Aside from incoherent shouts about you working for the man, he doesn't have anything to say.

It seems, instead, he's prepared to let his fists do the talking.
Only if you are currently helping the guards? (nonetheric?)
Living Portal Something snags at your foot, knocking you to the ground. As you look for the source, you see tendrils of liquid metal flowing stretching throughout the hall.

They all seem to terminate in a swirling vortex of greenish energy.
Only while Etheric

Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Shadowy Hounds Gain 4 XP in Perception
Concert Status Takes no energy
Crate Status Gain 4 XP in Will
Patrolling the Party Gain 4 XP in Perception

Choice Encounters

Stage Setup - stage has been built, this encounter no longer shows up, but Crate Towers and Empty Stage do

  1. Help unpack -
  2. Stand lookout -
  3. Stop and chat -
  4. Leave them -

Crate Towers - see above

  1. Give a pep talk
  2. Hand out fliers
  3. Hand out Eclipse
  4. Watch them
  5. Topple the crates
  6. Ignore them

Empty Stage - see above

  1. Check the supports
  2. Follow the cables
    1. Go exploring
    2. Run thick cabling
    3. Run writhing cable
    4. Crawl out
  3. Examine the speakers
  4. Leave it

Smashy, Smashy

  1. Give him some pamphlets -
  2. Fight him off -
  3. Lend a hand -
  4. Wander off -

Party Promoting Punk After giving the punk some pamphlets earlier

  1. Take a pamphlet
  2. Add your voice
  3. Encourage destruction
  4. Throw down
  5. Ignore him

Goddamn Cute Bats When at least one set of streamers has been set up

  1. Finish it
  2. Tear it down
  3. Hide some Eclipse
  4. Leave it

Meeting Emily Only when not Etheric

  1. How can I help? -
  2. How am I doing? -
  3. What about tickets? -
  4. Tell me about last time -
  5. Nothing, thanks -

Artful Decorating After enough hipsters have been persuaded to help?

  1. Watch him -
  2. Help him -
  3. Kill him -
  4. Ignore him -

Halloween Moonlighting After enough guards have been hired?

  1. Offer to help -
  2. Pass a thermos -
  3. Check their status -
  4. Jump them -
  5. Leave them to it -

Crates for Delivery - After someone delivers some crates from the quad?

  1. Deliver them -
  2. Skim off the top -
  3. Trash them -
  4. Add a fistful of Eclipse -
  5. Leave them -

Bright Green Punch

  1. Check for tainted barrels -
  2. Break a barrel -
  3. Add a handful of Eclipse -
  4. Leave them -

Portal -

  1. Walk in -
  2. Try to seal it -
  3. Leave it alone -
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