Basic Gatekeeper


Image Gatekeeper-Program.jpg
Type Defensive System

Responses to Functions

     Functions      Message U Result
Offense 1-2 You batter at the Gatekeeper, but it remains standing. 1+[unsubtle generated by batch]*
Offense ≥ 3 You batter at the Gatekeeper until nothing remains but scrambled bits. 1+[unsubtle generated by batch]* Gain 2 XP
(removes routine)
View ≥ 1 You scan the function's data. It looks like a basic Gatekeeper program.

Gatekeepers were around long before Novos and will probably be around long after everyone's moved to a different Operating System. Functionally, they're similar to Password Locks, but they're much better at sensing attacks.

If you're going to attack one, make sure it goes down in one batch.
Other The Gatekeeper ignores your commands.

* Minimum 2. Needs testing if post-batch messages affects things.

  • Offense takes priority.
  • View takes next priority.
  • Command, Defense, and Null count as Other.

Active Responses

Every round, if (Offense ≥ 1), you also get:

The Gatekeeper reports your attack to the system.

(+2 unsubtle, possibly more at high levels of Attack or unsubtle?)


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