Bass Games


Image bassplay.jpg
Description Play with your pet bass
Memory Size 2
Target None
Intensity n/a
Combat Messages You scratch your bass's back. It does an adorable little flip around your finger. Awwwwww.


You tap your finger a few places on the screen, letting your bass chase the "ripples."


You drag some food pellets over above your bass, letting it chase back and forth to grab them.


Your bass sits at the bottom of the screen with tiny Z's floating above its head.


You drag out a tiny castle playset below the system's defenses. Your bass does a couple laps around it, then stops to nap in the castle.

Or, if your bass is sick:

You try to convince your bass to play, but it just looks miserable wandering back and forth shedding scales.

Or, if your bass has an upset stomach:

You try to play with your bass, but it just keeps swimming back and forth layering bass droppings on the bottom of the screen.

Or, if your bass is poisoned(?):

You tap at your bass a couple times, but it just swims back and forth with tiny green bubbles floating over its head.


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