Bass Treatment (tool)

For the Novos version of function, see Bass Treatment.


Image basstreatment.jpg
Description Treat your virtual bass's many ailments
Memory Size 1
Target None
Intensity n/a
Combat Message(s) You drag a leafy branch over to your bass. It eats the leaves in one gulp and burps a little bubble that floats towards the top of the screen.


You drag a cartoon pill over to your bass. It gulps down the pill and shines for a moment.


You drag a jar of ointment over to your bass, then rub back and forth with your fingers. You're not sure how ointment is supposed to work underwater, but your bass momentarily flashes yellow.



It's not clear how to control the kind of treatment you give your bass, although Kinak says that there is a way. After the first time giving it leaves, I got this message at the end of the combat:

Your bass hiccups up a few more bubbles, turning steadily more grey. Scales slowly start falling from it to the bottom of the screen.Huh, maybe those were bad leaves.

Giving it a pill when it's not sick seems to result in:

Your bass swims slowly, covering the bottom of the screen with a layer of bass droppings. That pill must not have agreed with it.

Using ointment when not sick:

Your bass swims back and forth slowly, green bubbles floating over its head. Maybe that ointment didn't agree with it.

Curing the leaf-induced ailment with ointment gave this message at the end of Net combat:

That ointment seems to have done the trick. The scales have stopped and your bass's smile is back.

Using the leafy branch after the bass was given an upset stomach gave this at the end of combat:

Those leaves seem to have helped settle your bass's stomach.

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