Baton Weapon

Batons are a type of weapon.

List of Batons

Item MP Other Bonuses Notes
collapsible baton 6 +4 Stealth Power (collapsible)
gel baton 4 +2 Reactive Defense
ghostly truncheon +4 Power when your target doesn't have a Technique
heavy baton 9 +4 Etheric Defense
-2 Reflexes
jagged baton 6 Leaves Jagged Wounds
leaded baton 8 -2 Evasion Power
-2 Stealth Power
management baton +2 Stealth Power
+2 Melee Defense
reflective baton 7 +2 Etheric Defense
Silver Weapon
riot baton 4
shark hide baton 10 +4 Melee Defense
+4 Will
silver baton 5 Silver Weapon
steel baton 5 +4 Melee Defense
thick baton 5 +1 Melee Defense

Not batons:


Enhances the following techniques:

Used by (opponents)

Items marked with (collapsible) have or use special "collapsible" baton results.

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