Battered Scarecrow


Image yourscarecrow.jpg
Description You're not really sure if people still use scarecrows. This one was certainly just a party decoration, but it's possible that its kin stand in fields the world over. You just don't have a lot of experience with fields.

Anyway, you could probably set it in your room. It looks friendly now, but it'd be creepy enough in the dark.
Type Furniture
Use You prop up the scarecrow in the corner and clear a little space around it. It takes up quite a bit of floor space, but makes up for it by being awesome.


Killing a Bound Scarecrow, Halloween 2013
Halloween 2013 Rewards


Puts a Festive Scarecrow in your dwelling.

When using it first time per day:


You turn off the lights and admire your scarecrow in the near-darkness. It's amazing how a little change in lighting can make something so menacing.

And if you also have a Halloween skeleton:
The skeleton hanging above definitely adds to the effect.

Or with a university jack o' lantern:
The flickering light of your jack o' lantern give just the right amount of light for your scarecrow.

Or with Halloween skeleton and university jack o' lantern:
Your skeleton looms over the scarecrow like the grim reaper, illuminated from below by your jack o' lantern.

And if you have any Halloween Decals:
<X number> of <spooky stuff> hover above your head, making it even spookier.

You've gained <20+5X decals (max 30?)> duration of Halloween Spirit.

Further uses:

You turn off the lights and admire your scarecrow, but you're pretty well Halloween'd already.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .20 Goods
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