Beach Corpse



Encounter Conditions

Part of the Ship of the Damned Quest
Requires Etheric
Must have the strange gourd in inventory

Initial Text

As you make your way along the beach, you see a patch of sand stirring. A waterlogged corpse drags its way from the ground.

Seeing you, it rushes forward. "Give it… to me!"

Summary of Choices

  1. Stand your ground - fight waterlogged corpse
  2. Toss it the gourd - return its soul
  3. Break and run - gain 3 XP each in Reflexes and Strength

Choice Text and Results

Stand your ground

You step in front of the corpse, readying yourself as it crashes into you. It slurs something incomprehensibly while it tries to get at your belongings.

(Fight waterlogged corpse (unsewn))

And if you lose the battle (counts as giving it the gourd):

As you fall to the ground, you see the corpse running up to you and rifling through your possessions. After a few moments, it finds the gourd and tips it back as though drinking.

A wavering mote of light falls onto the corpse's lips. The corpse drops the gourd and lopes away, its stride becoming more steady and elegant as you black out.

Toss it the gourd

The corpse grabs the gourd from mid air and tips it back, as though drinking from it. A tiny, quivering mote of light falls from the gourd onto the corpse's lips.

"Haaaaaaaah, yes. Live and die." The corpse takes a deep breath of air, vitality seeming to return to its form.

(Progress in the Ship of the Damned Quest)

Break and run

The corpse moves with surprising speed and purpose, chasing you among the beach's rocks. Once you get to the open sand, though, it can't keep up with your raw speed.

By the time you've lost it, your breathing is ragged and your muscles ache from exertion.

You've earned 3 XP in Reflexes

You've earned 3 XP in Strength

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