Beta Reset

By initiating a "Beta Reset", you may start the game over after reaching the end of currently-implemented content.


It's only been a few weeks since you woke up in Southside, a forgotten slum near downtown Metroplex. Your memories before then are a haze, but half the addicts here could say the same.

If nothing else, it's easy to move among the masses in Southside. Nobody complained when you took up residence in one of their abandoned "luxury apartments" and you've even been doing a few odd jobs for Mikhail.

As far as you can tell, he's the only legitimate businessman left in Southside. Helping him has kept you fed, but scavenging for food always feels just around the corner.

Waking from another night of dreamless sleep, you're greeted by the tireless blinking of your comm's message light.


After completing all of the main quests (currently ending with the Oldtown quest), you have the option of beginning over again. You may initiate a reset from the "Quests" page. If you choose to do so:

  • All stats are set back to 0, just as though you were a new character. All areas and quests are reset; you only have access to Southside, and you get a call from Mikhail, just as you did when you first joined.
  • All skills, techniques, and quest items are permanently lost.
  • All non-quest items and credits are stored. Unearthly items that are part of the current season (see below) can be retrieved immediately by talking to Zack. All other items remain in storage until you once again finish the Oldtown quest and choose to recover them.
    • Unearthly items that you retrieve from Zack are reverted to their base form (eg. a mysterious puzzle rod goes back to box form, or an upgraded crystalline flame reset to the basic one). Unearthly items that are retrieved at the end of the quest are not reset this way however.

In addition, there are some effects on gang warfare:

  • Your win/loss record will remain unchanged. Gang warfare encounters will be unchanged.
  • However, any combats you queued in an area before the reset are lost. It's possible that your Southside Park combats remain, though I think it's more likely that this is a 'feature' and not something that occurs simply because you lose access to the other areas.

See daily activities and use it or lose it for lists of things you might want to do before resetting.

If you have a message from Dr. Thomas waiting, the following appears before you can reset. This prevents you from skipping the southside quest by having Dr. Thomas send you a parcel of eclipse from your past life:

You may want to check your messages before you move on into your next life.

Slags Resets (January 31, 2009 - July 30, 2010)

Before the addition of The Survivors, it was possible to reset after freeing Hel at the end of the Slags quest. Every player who had completed at least one Slags Reset received a heavy prize crate.

Survivor Resets (July 30, 2010 - February 11th, 2016)

Survivor Resets began on July 30th, 2010 with the release of the Survivors quest. There will be (as-yet-unknown) prizes when the Oldtown quest is released. You are not credited with a Survivor Reset until you actually reset and begin your next run.

Survivor resets leaderboards are sorted by unique skills, then by depth, then by total skills:

  • The unique skill count lists the number of different skills you have obtained.
  • Depth is the number of times you have earned all your unique skills. For example, if you have 20 unique skills, you're at depth 1. If you earn all of those 20 skills again, you're at depth 2. However, if you find a 21st skill, you go back to depth 1 until you obtain that 21st skill a second time.
  • Total skills count the number of skills obtained, including repeats.

In all cases above, they include both skill in-run and post run. The totals do not update until you reset again. Although Survivors Resets rewards are currently unknown, it is likely that more unique skills will be better rewarded than a higher depth or total skills.

On February 19th, 2016, all players who had completed a survivors reset received the message:

The time of the Survivors' Reset is finally at an end and the age of Oldtown has begun. Thanks so much for joining us here in Metroplex. I hope you enjoy this small token of my esteem.

And I mean that. You all kick ass. Thank you.


You found: survivors' origami book

Oldtown Resets (February 11th, 2016 - present)

(info here)

Seasonal Resets

Originally, you could retrieve any and all unearthly items you owned after resetting. Since the release of the HKGames helmet on September 26, 2010, you can only retrieve items that are part of the current "season". Unearthly coins are always available. In addition, during a given season, the five most recent items to be offered in Zack's House of Coins are available, along with a legacy item that was sold at Zack's a year or more ago. Other unearthly items you own go into storage along with normal items. When a new unearthly item is released, the current season ends and a new one begins.

Only accounts that have completed at least one reset are eligible to appear on seasonal leaderboards. (In other words, your initial run through the game after creating a brand-new account is not eligible for seasonal leaderboards.) Choosing a survivor as your contact to complete The Survivors quest officially ends a seasonal reset run and immediately makes your run appear on the appropriate seasonal leaderboard. When you buy or retrieve unearthly items can affect the seasonal leaderboard on which your run will appear:

  • If you retrieved before the new board started up, your run will still show on the old board.
  • If you retrieved after the new board started up, your run would show up on the new board.
  • If you retrieved before the new board started, then bought new stuff, your run wouldn't show up on either board (although you should still be eligible for Conducts from your run).
  • If you retrieved after the new board started up, then bought new stuff, your run would show up on the new board.
  • Earthly runs will show up on whatever board they end during.

At the end of each season for the foreseeable future, the fastest run for each of the four survivors will be awarded a prize. Runs are ranked first by fewest days spent, then by most skills learned, and finally by least Energy used. Prizes are not awarded until all runs that are part of that season are complete.

Survivor Survivors Quest* Oldtown Quest*
Best Lo summer coin spun cube
Best Dr. Amundsen spring coin spun tetrahedron
Best Hel autumn coin spun octahedron
Best David winter coin spun dodecahedron

*Survivors rewards (coins) were available for the first 38 seasons (June 7 2009 - March 15, 2016). These were replaced with the spun items starting in season 39. A new type of reward will probably be released with when Downtown quest is released.

You can also get conducts for a wide variety of special restrictions you put yourself under during your run. These (besides the conduct representing your choice of survivor) have no in-game effect apart from giving your profile a schnazzy new icon.

If you click on a seasonal leaderboard once the season has ended and are in contention for a prize, this message appears on top of the leaderboard:

In the lead!
You're in the lead for some prizes, but it's not a lock yet with the remaining runs still in progress.

And, if you're in-run:

You'll also need to complete the main questline before you can collect them as well, so it works out.

If you click on a seasonal leaderboard once the season has ended and had the fastest run for a given survivor, this message appears at the top of the leaderboard:

You had the best run for <survivor> this Season. Congratulations!

Here's a little something to remember your victory.

(And, if you are in the lead for others:) You're in the lead for more as well, but we'll just have to see how the remaining runs end up.

You received: <prize item>

Or, if you have not yet completed the main quest line:

You have prizes for this season and can collect them once you complete the main questline. Congratulations!

If you click on a seasonal leaderboard once the season has ended and were not eligible for a prize, this message appears at the top of the leaderboard:

Seasonal Resets
You didn't manage to snag any of the top spots this Season, but the next Season is already underway if you're up for another try. Good luck!

If you are currently in a leaderboard-contending run:

You haven't managed to snag any of the top spots already, although that does not count your current reset.


Looks like you snagged all the prizes you're going to get this Season, but the next Season is already underway if you're up for another try. Good luck!

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