Binding Tome

The following items are binding tomes:


When equipped, you may attempt to bind some unearthly beings:

Opponent Result
Burrowing Centipede Learn Burrowing Horror
Flying Eye Learn Aid from Above
Horrific Spider Learn Unleash Spider*
Memorial Statue Learn Hunting Command*
Phoenix Learn Call the Firebird*
Runic Hound Learn Runic Howl
Skull in the Flames Learn Pyrophobia
Titanic Mole Learn Scraping Summons*
Twisted Hound/Stalking Hound Learn Release the Hounds*
Winged Hunter Learn Winged Hunter
Dazzling Cloud Gain 2 XP in Will
Holographic Opponents Different message, but no effect.
Encounter Result
Ghoul Source Kingly Favor skill, completion of Problems on the Docks quest
Evil Eye in the Park Shadowy Presence skill, completion of Whispers in the Park quest
Starry Gaze in the Museum Gain 3 XP in Will
Squatly Mole Modifies some text, unknown exact use
Towering Figure Stolen Artistry skill, completion of The Black Sketchbook quest
Item Result
hound drone memory Release the Hounds (might need to have tech already)

* Additional restrictions or requirements (see individual pages for details)

Other Uses

Added options to these old encounters, no longer reachable:

Techniques enhanced with a binding tome

Technique Chain Type Attribute Damage
Burrowing Horror burrowinghorror.jpg Etheric Will 6 Base, more underground
Release the Hounds SummonHound.jpg Etheric Will 6 Base, more on repeat use
Scraping Summons scrapingsummons.jpg Etheric Will 9 Base, more following Burrowing Horror
Spectral Smoke shootspecter.jpg Fire Will 8 Base, more following Ranged and/or with smoldering gun equipped
Unleash Spider unleashspider.jpg Etheric Will 12 Base, more following Call the Swarm
Call the Firebird callthefirebird.jpg Fire Will 9 Base, more with high Fire Power
Aid from Above beckoneye.jpg Etheric Will 10 Base
Winged Hunter wingedhunter.jpg Etheric Will 6 Base, more with Jade Protection
Related Techniques
Hunting Command huntingcommand.jpg Etheric Will Does no damage on its own but does increasing damage for more hounds summoned
Fenris Command fenriscommand.png Etheric Will Does no damage on its own but does increasing damage for more hounds summoned; other summoned creatures also enhance it — needs confirmation for all of them

Hunting Command and Fenris Command
Wh Release the Hounds with a tome.

Used by (opponents)

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