Biomonitor Circuit


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Description This circuit contains an extremely primitive life signs monitor. By itself it'd probably tell you how close to dead you are.

Would probably help make a range of gadgets more useful, though.
Type Misc


Gang Smuggler: Medical Supplies
Drops from The Hammer (sometimes)
Using damaged Zaibatsu crate
Using cable tangle
Encounter: Tainted Shoreline: Command Guidance System (Shoreline).
Encounter: 5th Floor: Command Guidance System (High Altitude).
No longer: Oldos Hacking: Reroute shipment on an Electronics Supply website.

toolbox.jpg black ops HUD, examination glasses, Idoru nurse (and probably many other items)
Connect two frayed cables to a signal analysis circuit for a basic life-monitoring system
Quest recipe: Learn from Electrical Engineering II, Shared Files or watching a descrambled TV
2 Frayed Cables Signal Analysis Circuit
= Biomonitor Circuit


Idiot-proof the Executive Sidearm with a Biomonitor Circuit and Targeting Circuit
Executive Sidearm Biomonitor Circuit
Steady Sidearm Targeting Circuit
= Autolock Sidearm
Give a Sludge Heart some semblance of life with a Biomonitor Circuit and a Capacitor Array
Sludge Heart Biomonitor Circuit
Living Sludge Heart Capacitor Array
= Beating Sludge Heart
Improve any First Aid Kit with a Biomonitor Circuit
First Aid Kit Biomonitor Circuit
= Biomonitor Kit
Rig an Unlined Vest for realistic biofeedback with two Capacitor Arrays and two Biomonitor Circuits
Quest Recipe: Learn this recipe from using biofeedback vest plans
Unlined Vest Capacitor Array Capacitor Array Biomonitor Circuit Biomonitor Circuit
= Biofeedback Vest
Replace the Biomonitor Circuit and Capacitor Array in a Broken Injector
Broken Injector Biomonitor Circuit
Uncharged injector Capacitor Array
= Empty Injector
Add a Biomonitor Circuit to a Sludge Heart to confirm disquieting information
Sludge Heart Biomonitor Circuit
= Living Sludge Heart
Replace an Unlocked Midgard Player's sensors with a Biomonitor Circuit
Unlocked Midgard Player Biomonitor Circuit
= Monitored Midgard Player
Tag a Light Armored Vest with a Biomonitor Circuit for first aid feedback
Light Armored Vest Biomonitor Circuit
= Monitoring Vest
Arrange two Biomonitor Circuits, two Signal Buffers, and five Artificial Neural Fibers
Quest Recipe: Learn recipe from Neural Mesh Plans
toolbelt.jpg 2 Biomonitor Circuits, 2 Signal Buffers, and 5 Artificial Neural Fibers
= Neural Mesh
Make your shielded jumpjet more responsive by adding a biomonitor circuit
Shielded Jumpjet Biomonitor Circuit
= Reflexive Jumpjet
Rig up two Optical Sensors with a Biomonitor Circuit for lightning fast control.
Quest Recipe: Requires recipe from hidden files on a high-security Electronics Supply site.
Optical Sensor Optical Sensor Biomonitor Circuit
= Twitch Controller
Rewire the Locked Datareader with a Biomonitor Circuit
Locked Datareader Biomonitor Circuit
= Bypassed Datareader
Trigger a Basic Cyberblade from a Biomonitor Circuit
Basic Cyberblade Biomonitor Circuit
= Reflexive Cyberblade
Fit a Biomonitoring Circuit and two Formatted Memory Cores into a Skeletal Cyberleg (2 Energy)
Learn recipe from Cybernetic Graffiti encounter or horrific cyberplans during Halloween 2020
toolbelt.jpg Skeletal Cyberleg, Biomonitor Circuit and two Formatted Memory Cores
= Recording Bone Leg
toolbox.jpg frayed cable (x1), frayed cable (x1), signal analysis circuit (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Goods
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