Black Ops HUD


Image MidgardVisor.jpg
Description This visor constantly presents the location of everything moving near you, making it incredibly easy to flush out enemies. Unfortunately, half the letters in the labels are backwards and the rest spell out gibberish, so you're probably missing out on something.
Type Hat
Effects Slightly Increases Chance of PvP Encounters
Slightly Increases Chance of Combat Encounters


Buy in the VIP Room for 100 old coins


Make a Blacks Ops HUD more user friendly by filtering it with a signal analysis circuit
Black Ops HUD Signal Analysis Circuit
= Filtered HUD
Fit Glimmering Crystals into a Black Ops HUD
Black Ops HUD Glimmering Crystals
= Glimmering HUD
Upgrade a Black Ops HUD with a new Optical Array
Black Ops HUD Optical Array
= Optical HUD
toolbox.jpg biomonitor circuit
GoldCoins.jpg 0.12 arms
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