Black Pearl


Image blackpurl25.jpg
Description You've heard of black pearls before, but you're fairly sure this wasn't what they were talking about. It's massive for a pearl, about as wide as your thumb, and is strangely lustrous.

Staring at those beautiful reflections for too long, you can see shapes swimming just underneath the surface.
Type Usable
Sell Although the buyer expresses some doubts about your pearl's authenticity, you do still get a good price for it.

Imagine what it'd cost if they thought it was real.
Multi Your buyer seems dubious about the pearls' origin, but still gives you what feels like a good price. Apparently these things would go for a lot if they were "legitimate."
Effects Gain ~125 credits


Open Massive Clam after having put sand into it a single time the previous day, when the clam is contaminated with blood (?)


Submerge a Black Pearl in Grain Alcohol
Black Pearl Grain Alcohol
= Black Pearl Sludge
Expand a Black Pearl with Black Pearl Sludge
Black Pearl Black Pearl Sludge
= Cultured Pearl
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .16 Curiosities
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