Black Petals


Image petal25.jpg
Description Although they're probably just from a genetically engineered flower, these petals are rather attention-grabbing. They looks black at first, but are actually a very rich purple, which would be striking enough on its own.

A bit of sweet scent still sticks to them as well. It's intoxicating, but hard to place.
Type Misc


Doing evil actions with black rose equipped, occasionally.

toolbox.jpg black rose bud, black rose


Dissolve some Black Petals togther with a Mislist Flower
Black Petals Mislit Flower
= Flower Distillate
Steep some Black Petals in Liquified Eclipse
Black Petals Liquified Eclipse
= Infused Petals
Steep two sets of Black Petals
Black Petals Black Petals
= Purple Tea
Mull a Cup of Red with some Black Petals.
Black Petals Glass of Red
= Purple Wine
Soak Black Petals in some Tendril Ointment
Black Petals Tendril Ointment
= Rose Balm (item)
Coat Black Petals in Sparkling Eclipse
Black Petals Sparkling Eclipse
= Sparkling Petals
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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