Black Tablet Shard


Image thetabletshard.jpg
Description Broken from some sort of dense, black stone, this shard has faint patterns on its surface that remind you of writing. That said, it's entirely possible you're just imagining it, because it certainly doesn't look like any writing you're familiar with… could just be the grain of the rock and your own delusions.
Type Gadget
Effects +2 Power to Techniques using your highest Attribute
Slightly Increases Chance of Etheric Encounters


First available at Zack's House of Coins during Season 21 for 2 unearthly coins.


Sometimes following combat, you can gain a technique:
Learning message Technique Chain Effect
You glance down at the shard, finding a strange language of blocky letters. Blocky Script blockyscript.jpg Blocky Script
You glance down at the shard, finding harsh, angular writing. Angular Script angularscript.jpg Angular Script
You glance down at the shard, finding writing that seems to trace a strange, fluid dance. Flowing Script flowingscript.jpg Flowing Script
You glance down at the shard, finding mysterious symbols that seem as likely to be rhythmic notation as text. Mysterious Script mysteriousscript.jpg Mysterious Script

Sometimes following combat with studious nature?:

<one of above messages>

You quickly scratch down some notes as the symbols fade.

You learned a new Technique: <2 of one of above techniques>

Sometimes, following combat with Angular Script, Blocky Script, Flowing Script or Mysterious Script active:

You're not sure if you're closer to translating the strange text, but you certainly feel closer to understanding it.

(hidden: gain +1 XP — (note: I'm not getting any extra XP with Mysterious or Blocky??)

Adventuring with the shard equipped can unlock the Called Back to the Tablet encounter in the Hall of Sculptures, which can teach various techniques:

Technique Chain First half of combat message
Open Rune RuneOpen.jpg You etch an open rune before <opponent>.
Humanoid Rune RuneHumanoid.jpg You etch an symbol like a humanoid figure before <opponent>.
Jagged Rune RuneJagged.jpg You etch a jagged runic shape before <opponent>.
Triple Rune RuneExplosive.jpg You etch three blade-like shapes before <opponent>.

Second half of combat messages

If you are Etheric but don't have any Script effect active:

Strange light radiates from the rune, dealing him x damage.

Otherwise, one of the following messages is given. This seems to depend on the Script effect active, but is randomized per player/reset (see discussion for spading):

The rune shatters with overwhelming power, dealing him x damage.*

The rune shatters over <opponent>, dealing her x damage.

The rune crackles and falters, dealing him x damage.*

The rune rises over <opponent>, its strange light dealing him x damage.

The rune rises over <opponent>, burning them for x damage.

The rune descends on <opponent>, crushing him for x damage.

The rune descends on <opponent>, its strange light dealing him x damage.

Messages with an asterisk cause you to lose your Script effect, the others don't appear to do so.

Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg This item cannot be added to a gang stash.
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