Blazing Maze



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2016

Initial Text

You find a blaze burning away in the maze, consuming spider webs and foam bricks alike.

Summary of Choices

  1. Rush through - take 5? damage, add maze exploration
  2. Put it out - take 19? damage, reduce fires
  3. Add refined petrol (with refined petrol) - lose 1 refined petrol, increase fires
  4. Back away - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Rush through

You push through the gap in the burning wall, leaving you slightly scorched, but in a new section of the maze.

You take 5 damage. (w/5 FD)

Put it out

You knock down enough of the wall to smother the rest. Well, at least the fire should be contained.

You take 19 damage. (w/5 FD), 22 w/0 FD, 30 w/0 FD

Add refined petrol

You toss some more petrol on the fire. The flames leap and dance beautifully.

(Lose 1 refined petrol)

Back away

You back away from the fire, leaving it for others to handle.

See Walk Away

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