Note: This page refers to Oldos hacking, and no longer exists in the game.

One of the more common varieties of websites.
Can be found with intrusive search and target search.
Keywords: blog, tube, tide, approved chamber, diary


Action Access Alert* Notes
Elevate Privileges - variable
Browse Security Logs Full control (Level 3) 0
Cancel Alert Full control (Level 3) - Allowed safely 2,3 times
Browse Public Files Level 1 8,8,7
Browse Secure Files Level 2 ?
Browse Hidden files Level 3 23,23
Log out - 3,3

* Incognito reduces this - see Alert level for details. List with commas = sample data.

Browse Public Files

Browse Secure Files

It looks like <name> has some interesting habits they probably don't want discussed in public. As it turns out, "secure" files weren't secure enough.

You download the data for future use.

You found: blackmail material (requires file scan)

It looks like <name> decided to store their banking information on their site. At least they didn't put it in public files.

You found: bank information (requires file scan?)

Well, you've found the part of the site where <name> only allows their friends. It's… really like the rest of the site, but with more complaining about other people who read the site but aren't in the in group.

It's kind of depressing, but you soldier through it.

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Or, if it's a poetry blog:
And to make it all worse, the whole thing is peppered with overwrought poetry.

And if you have satirical poetry equipped:
You jot down a few notes on your satirical poetry so it's not a complete loss.

Browse Hidden Files (requires Deep File Scan)

There aren't many people who would have a public site, then hide something on it. It's almost like they want to get caught.

And then one of:

It looks like you might have been quick to judge. They're hiding a mailing list so folks don't get at it too easily.

That worked okay until right now.

You found: mailing list

You've earned 2 Random XP (of Will and Perception?)

Looks like the only thing they have to hide is their banking information. They didn't do quite good enough a job, though.

You found: bank information

You've earned 2 Random XP (of Will and Perception?)

Looks like <name> falls into that category.

You found: blackmail material

Looks like <name> and all their friends fall into that category.

You found: 3 blackmail material

Only with formatted memory core in inventory:

They've got a neural recording posted for… themselves? Their good friends? Any hacker that wanders by?

Anyway, you download it to your formatted memory core to see if it turns out being handy.

You found: night on the town

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