Blood Of The Ancients (Effect)

For the item of the same name, see Blood of the Ancients (item).


Image Gemmed-Puzzle-Box25.jpg
Description You've absorbed some large part of the puzzle box's power into yourself. You won't be able to hold onto it forever, but while you do, your blood flows with the power of the box's creators.
Hidden Flags Blood Effect
Effects Channel that power into your Etheric Techniques


Using blood of the ancients (25 energy)


If you read the mysterious puzzle tablet with Puzzle Sight and this effect active, lose all energy of both to gain the Secrets of the Cube skill.

While this effect is active, certain Etheric techniques gain a special message and X additional power.

Technique Message
Call the Swarm You gesture at <opponent> and whisper in a forgotten tongue. Black stone spiders the size of a fist rip their way out of <opponent> from the inside, dealing X damage.
Call to Feast You call out in a strange tongue. Black mists coalesce around the <opponent>, forming a stone maw that tears into <him> for <X> damage and delivers its prize to You.

With air filter:
You call out from behind your mask in a strange tongue. Hungry black mists coalesce around the <opponent>, forming a stone maw that tears into <him> for <X> damage.
Channel Inspiration with Inspired Imagination:
You gesture at <opponents>. Lines of bloody red energy etch into them like razors, carving breathtakingly beautiful patterns and dealing <x>damage.
Channel the Deep You chant in the language of the ancients, summoning tentacles of translucent red energy beneath <opponent>. They rend him for X damage.
Crystal Gate For a moment, stars seem to whirl overhead in complex patterns. Twisted light of a color you can't quite name lances down to strike <opponent>, dealing X damage.
Distant Claw Without the scientist's claw equipped only:
You rake your fingers through the air. Scything blades of black stone match their movement, crashing into <opponent>, dealing <X> damage.
Evil Eye You focus your gaze on <opponent>. He bursts into crimson flame, taking X damage.
Gem Break You make an imperious gesture and shards of black stone pierce the <opponent> for <X> damage.
Hex Your hand twists into a claw of black rune-covered stone and rips into <opponent> for X damage.
Light of the Eye You open your third eye, bathing the area in brilliant red light.
<opponent> lines up a powerful strike, crushing you for 44 damage, but you focus on <opponent>'s, imagining a shifting wall of crimson puzzle pieces which blocks all but X damage.
Pyrophobia You call out in a forgotten tongue, calling unnatural crimson flames around the <opponent>. They tear at it, dealing X damage.

Or, if opponent's ED > FD:
You trace runic patterns in the air with Your hands. Fire roars from them, coalescing around the <opponent> for X damage.
Rasping Teeth Waves of black stone teeth tear into the <opponent>, leaving furrows in arcane patterns for <X> damage.
Serpent Pattern You let Eclipse expand into the pattern of a great serpent, its black stone scales cracked into strange runes. The serpent crushes <opponent> for <X> damage.
Smoke Talons You collapses dark smoke into black stone talons, ripping into <opponent> for <x> damage
Unleash Spider Following Call the Swarm only:
You whisper something to the spiders in a strange tongue, causing them to grow even larger and burrow into <opponent> for <X> damage.
Withering Gaze You see thousands of years passing, forcing them on <opponent>. The weight of ages deals X damage to it.

See Techniques Testing for a list techniques that are confirmed not to be affected and things that still need testing.

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