Bloodied Scientist



Encounter Conditions

Only on the fourth floor
non-etheric only?

Initial Text

You find a bloodied man wearing a containment suit, torn to shreds and bloodied except for the helmet. "Please… help me. The hounds… they destroyed my suit… Slags poisoning. I need the antidote."

Summary of Choices

  1. Give him an antidote (Good) - If you have Slags Antidote: lose 1 Slags Antidote, save him and unlock Back Down with the Living encounter in the Midgard Laboratory; otherwise, if you have MBR antidote: learn Slags antidote recipe; otherwise: unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter
  2. Treat him medically (Good) - Lives if you have Trauma Tech. This then unlocks Back Down with the Living choice encounter in Midgard Laboratory. If he dies, unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter.
  3. Steal his helmet (Evil) - unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter, you get heavy containment helmet; triggers cool coin
  4. Leave him - unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter

Choice Text and Results

Give him an antidote

With Slags antidote: (Good (3?))

You give him the antidote. He accepts it and injects it into his veins.

"Thank you… I can think so much more clearly now… I think I can make it."

Otherwise, with MBR antidote: (Good (1))

He takes the antidote from you and injects it into his veins. "Ahhhhhh. That… does help. It's not what I need though."

"Slags antidote. Two clumps of tentacles from these horrible beasts on the first floor and some liquified Eclipse. You'll need… a lab. Please… hurry!"

You've learned a new chemistry recipe: Slags Antidote - Boil down two clumps of withered tendrils with liquified Eclipse to create an antidote to Slags poisoning.


He looks down at what you handed him. "No… this… isn't it… I need."

He slumps to his side and dies.

(unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter)

Treat him medically

(If you have Trauma Tech) (Good (4))

You treat him with the skills of a practiced trauma tech. You lose count of the number of times you almost lose him, but he eventually stabilizes.

"I… feel better. I think I can make it back to the lab. Thank you so much." He lurches to his feet and makes his way cautiously towards the stairs.


You try to treat him and he seems to stabilize several times, but eventually you lose him. If only you had a little more training in medicine…

(unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter)

Steal his helmet (Evil (>1))


You reach down and yank the helmet off his head. His eyes jerk open for a moment.

"I can see… everything… the Incident… next life…" He quivers and then lies still.

Over the next few seconds, his flesh liquifies then turns to dust, as though burnt away by some powerful acid.

You found: heavy containment helmet

(unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter)

Leave Him


You hear his voice grow fainter as you walk away. "No… please… help… the eyes… they're…"

(unlocks Scientist's Corpse encounter)

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