Bloody Punch Mix


Image powder%20tub.jpg
Description Advertisements on the sides of this tub suggest its contents will look like "realistic blood" when mixed with water. It's pretty hard to believe, but maybe it'll be good enough to spook someone who hasn't seen as much of it as you.
Type Food
Requires 4 Hunger
Use You mix the powder with some water. It's… red, but other than that doesn't particularly look like blood.

Doesn't taste much like blood either, although with as overwpoweringly sweet as it is, some people might think real blood is an upgrade.
Multi Mixing all this with water seems like a pain, so you just dig in with a spoon. It's intensely sweet, to the extent that your tongue starts to recognize odd sour notes.
Effects You've regained 11-12? energy!
You've gained 10 duration of Sugar Rush.


Banquet Room (2018): Distracted Security (Halloween 2018)


Hydrate Bloody Punch Mix with Liquified Eclipse
Bloody Punch Mix Liquified Eclipse
= Swirling Blood (Item)
Thicken Bloody Punch Mix with Slags Antidote
Bloody Punch Mix Slags Antidote
= Bloody Sludge
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Goods
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