Blossoming Hunger


Image blossominghunger.png
Description A stealthy bite
Chain 2
Type Stealth
Attribute Strength
Special Better after an appetizer

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 4
You reveal the surprising depths of your hunger, biting into <opponent> for <x> stealth damage.
Following eating techniques 8
You reveal the depths of your hunger, gnawing on <opponent> for <x> stealth damage.
With air filter
You gnash your teeth behind your mask.
With toothed blossom equipped 7 Takes priority over air filter result
You present a flower to <opponent>. The flower's teeth bite into <it> for <x> stealth damage.
With toothed blossom equipped, following eating techniques 11
You share your meal with a flower. Its petals open to reveal teeth, biting into <opponent> for <x> stealth damage.


Choosing to ponder the Clattering Skeletal Tree in the Parking Garage with a toothed blossom equipped.

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