Bone Flakes


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Description These are pretty sizable bone flakes, each about the size of a cred chip. They're flat and sharp, reminding you a bit of primitive flint weapons.
Type Miscellaneous


Clattering Skeletal Tree: Strike it with a sledge hammer or axe.
Use: Bone Club
Salvage: Crude Skull Mask
Salvage: Decaying Rib
Salvage: Smoldering Skull
Salvage: Numbing Skull
Salvage: Various items crafted from this: Bone Edged Chain, Bone Gang Jacket, Bone Rounds, Fake Skull Mask, Bone Pistol, Bone Automatic
Drops from Flying Skulls


Line a Pitted Chain with some Bone Flakes
Bone Flakes Pitted Chain
= Bone Edged Chain
Show everyone who's boss by adding Bone Flakes to your Gang Jacket
Bone Flakes Gang Jacket
= Bone Gang Jacket
Load some Bone Flakes into an Empty Clip
Bone Flakes Empty Clip
= Bone Rounds
Fit Bone Flakes around Pistol Fittings
Pistol Fittings Bone Flakes
= Bone Pistol
Gather Bone Flakes over Rifle Fittings
Assault Rifle Fittings Bone Flakes
= Bone Automatic
Add some Bone Flakes to a Paper Mask
Bone Flakes Paper Mask
= Fake Skull Mask
Line Bone Flakes along some Brass Knuckles
Brass Knuckles Bone Flakes
= Bone Spiked Knuckles
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Curiosities
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