There are many statistics about your character which can affect combat and your other adventures. You can view your current set at:

General note: For Defense/Power/Attribute bonuses, they are applied in the following order:

  1. Apply +X bonuses, then
  2. Apply +X% bonuses, then
  3. Apply part of X to Y, then
  4. Use X instead of Y if X is higher
  5. Apply +Morale bonus to the highest power(s), if you have any power(s) > 0, and, Power to Techniques using Your Highest Attribute is applied
  6. And if you are in combat, continuing on:
    1. Apply Power/Defense Bonuses, then
    2. Apply Evasion Bonuses, then
    3. Apply Reactive Defense and Restrain bonuses

Defense Bonuses

Power Bonuses

Attribute Bonuses

Hacking Bonuses

(See also: Command, Defense, Offense, View, Unsubtle, Piercing)

Encounter Bonuses

(See Chance Of Encounters for a general overview)

XP Bonuses

(See Chance Of XP for a general overview)

Fishing Bonuses

(See Fishing for a general overview)

Other Bonuses

Conditional Bonuses

See also:

  • Hidden Flags
  • Synergistic Bonuses - combinations of equipment/effects that provide extra bonuses when combined together
  • Disguises - combinations of equipment/effects that affect encounters in the world
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